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Supply of fuel to Gas Stations

Trade of Fuels

AO "Tergaz" Refinery are rightly positioned as one of the leading suppliers of high premium quality grade fuels for vehicles. We engaged in wholesale trade of fuels and are reliable, stable dynamic organization.

In the course of trade, AO "Tergaz" Refinery is equally responsible for the quality delivery of both large (bulk) and small batches.


As a supplier, AO "Tergaz" Refinery in any situation tends to meet the interests of each client. That’s why our company provides customers with fuel transportation by our own fleet most times.


High Grade Fuel

AO "Tergaz" Refinery sells premium quality high grades fuel.

Nationwide and Worldwide Delivery

AO "Tergaz" Refinery deliver fuel throughout Russia Federation and any safe port all over the world.

Customer Satisfaction

AO "Tergaz" Refinery earned the trust of customers and reputation of a reliable partners and clients worldwide as we always meet their request and they're always satisfied.


We can arrange for you and direct supply of light petroleum products, our prices will be beneficial for all who turn to us with requests for the provision of fuel batches from 5,500 – 120,000 liters.


AO "Tergaz" Refinery clients will be able to delay payments for fuels and lubricants supplied within a thirty (30) calendar day.


Delivery, Shipping and Transportation of Petroleum

Petroleum Hazards

Petroleum has its own characteristics and is essentially different from other types of cargo, primarily because of the high degree of toxicity, fire and explosion hazards of the shipment.


Since the products of a refinery are classified as dangerous goods, then they must be transported in a precautionary mode in accordance with the law and in compliance with the general rules of safe delivery during movement and parking of vehicles.


AO "Tergaz" Refinery keeps having successful works in the market of oil products transportations by road since May 2010. We have all the documentations authorizing a regular supply of petroleum products.

Our team employs experienced managers, drivers, logistics, technology – all specialists are highly qualified.

Fleet consists of a range of powerful and reliable trucks European assembly intended specifically for supply, shipping and transportation of various types of petroleum products.


We are focused on long-term cooperation for the delivery of private business and government enterprises.