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Supply of Fuel to Aviation Companies


Aviation gasoline is all about quality and safety, fuel requirements for aircraft and vehicles are typically different, therefore there’s strict quality and safety requirements of aircraft and limitations on components that can be used for aviation fuel.

24 Months Guarantee

Our type of Grades of Aviation fuels come with a 24 months guarantee.


AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY aim is to meet and exceed stringent refining of all components and strictly observes the operating parameters that’s why our aviation fuel gives high performance to PISTON-ENGINE AIRCRAFT and thereby significantly improving safety and ensures comfort with every flight.

Highest quality aviation fuels compounds are achieved through the multiple refining processes of crude oil, which is then mixed into a distinctive compositions in accordance of manufacturing strict specifications.

Refining Aviation Fuel

AO "TERGAZ" REFINERYuses additives authorized for aviation which are including: anti-knock agents, colourants, antioxidants & anti-electrostatic agents that enrich the hydrocarbon mixture and ensure that the required properties/elements are formed


Our refining plants are supported by our own accredited laboratories and experienced Research & Development staffs.


AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY are active member of European collaborative projects ambitiously seeking a new formula for aviation fuel.


Participation in projects of this type highly provides assurance that AO "Tergaz" Refinery will continue to provide the best fuel for your aircraft not just today but also for the future.