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Supply of Fuel to Construction Companies

Deliveries for Construction Companies

For developers of residential and commercial real estate, AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY are pleased to offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY is ready to work on contracts offset, i.e., to supply diesel fuel, pet coke & bitumen due to the subsequent transfer of ownership of residential and residential areas in the name of the supplier of petroleum products.

Delivery Nation-Wide

AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY delivers diesel fuel, pet coke and bitumen to construction organizations between Russian Federation.

Payment Grace Period

AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY are ready to give a grace period of time to our partners up to thirty (30) –  sixty (60) calendar days.


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Completed Deliveries:


Delivery Time:


AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY recognize that most customers are not always covered by the construction costs of construction in compliance with all the agreed terms, lots of contractors are forced to work in debt because of shortage of working capital.


AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY has always been able to come to the aid of construction organizations.

AO "TERGAZ" REFINERY ready to give a grace period of time to our partners up to thirty (30) – sixty (60) calendar days.