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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

AO "Tergaz" Refinery chemical plant is located miles away from residential environment due to heavy negative pollution damage impact to the environment.


The types of adverse impacts on the environment include:- air emissions of pollutants and other substances – discharge of pollutants and other substances and microorganisms in surface water, underground water and catchment areas.

Pollution of subsurface soils; – disposal of waste production and consumption – noise pollution, heat, electromagnetic, ionizing and other types of physical impacts; – other types of negative impacts on the environment.


Annually AO "Tergaz" Refinery for environmental protection and operation of environmental protection facilities spends about 2% of total current expenditures and capital investments in the enterprise.

AO "Tergaz" Refinery also invests heavily in upgrading process; sewage treatment plants enterprises to improve environmental safety and product information.